Welcome to my classroom and especially to our Dad, Mom, and Me Math Friday classes.

One important instructional approach I use in my classroom is to invite parents to participate in our math lessons. Each Friday, family members are invited to attend our Dad, Mom, and Me Math Friday class. This builds valuable communication lines with the parents and allows me to model important strategies and mathematical concepts they can reinforce at home.

Growth Patterns
Graduation Day

3-D Building Plans

These Friday classes also build positive adult math role models and develop tremendous self-esteem for the children. Since most of the parents were born in other countries, this is also an excellent way to include other solution methods and develop an appreciation of mathematics from various languages, countries, and cultures.

All activities are hands-on and focus on the new Common CORE mathematics standards. The parents appreciate learning how to help their children at home and enjoy participating in the sessions.

Our Mom and Me Math classes started in October 2011 and continued until spring break in April. We had a graduation ceremony and gave parents certificates and "We Appreciate You!" blue ribbons. 

Several times we even had dads take off work so they could participate as well. This sparked enthusiasm with some of my colleagues who also successfully taught a few sessions this year. As a grade level, we plan to expand the program next year to include more third and fourth grade classes.

During these math lessons, a family member can give individual support to the child and learn together as they explore each activity. In a constructivist classroom, it is important to give the children time to explore and make sense of the ideas rather than just teach, so I model for the parents how to step back a little, allowing the children time to search for solutions, wonder about the concept, and justify their reasoning.

Parents deeply appreciated the training and have become some of my strongest advocates.


  1. Hi Stephanie! Could you please give a me a suggestion on a hands on fourth grade activity that I can start with my families? I'd love to have a family math lesson started soon!

  2. Wonderful! They will love it! Start slowly. Even well-educated parents learned algorithms and may not be ready for conceptual understanding of the math you will be presenting. It also helps if the kids have had some experience and can support the parents. Look on my blog for these activities:1. Multiplying fractions with snap cubes, 2. Algebra growth patterns (multiples and factors), 3. Area and perimeter, and 4. Fraction puzzles--reason with shapes (equivalent fractions). Have fun and let me know how it goes. Good luck! Stephanie